Screaming Frog Inlinks and Outlinks

by The Tortoise

Screaming Frog allows you to do a lot of things, such as checking the status codes of URLs on your site and finding missing img alt text. Here we look at how you find inlinks and outlinks in Screaming Frog.

What are inlinks and outlinks in Screaming Frog?

Inlinks in Screaming Frog refer to the internal links that are discovered on a site (i.e. where one page on the site links to another page on the same site), whereas outlinks are links on the site linking to a different site.

To view the inlinks or outlinks from a specific page:

  1. Crawl the site/URL list
  2. Go to the ‘Internal’ tab
  3. Select the URL you want to see the inlinks or outlinks for (it will turn green when selected)
  4. At the bottom of the screen, select either inlinks or outlinks
  5. View the inlinks or outlinks in the table immediately above (you can see the link type, the ‘from’ URL (the one you have selected), and the ‘to’ URL (where the link is pointing to), as well as the anchor text, alt text, whether the link is followed or not, and link attributes in this table)
Screaming Frog inlinks and outlinks view

To export all the inlinks or outlinks to Excel:

  1. Crawl the site/URL list
  2. Navigate to ‘Bulk Export’
  3. Select ‘All Inlinks’ or ‘All Outlinks’ (note: it can take a while for the export file to download as it can be very large).
Screaming Frog inlinks and outlinks export

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